Displaying Tea Cups

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Is there a good way to display tea cups?

Displaying Tea Cups

You've acquired a marvelous collection of tea cups and you'd like to have them on display instead of leaving them boxed up where no one can enjoy how lovely they are. However, you're having trouble figuring out how and where to display your little treasures. You need some ideas on how to show off your fragile collectibles while keeping them safe. Actually, there are many great options for displaying tea cups. Some of the best places to set up a tea cup display are available right in most kitchens.

  • Simply install a narrow shelf that runs the whole length of the back splash wall about 5 inches from the bottom of a set of cabinets. This shelf is hard for small children to reach and high enough from the counter top so that you can still utilize the counter for canisters and small appliances. Place the cups on the shelf, leaving at least an inch between them to avoid accidental chips or scratches.
  • Take the door off of a rarely used cupboard and use lace paper to edge the shelf. Then place your tea cups in the cupboard. Don't forget to vary heights. You can turn one cup in a pair upside down and place the other cup on top of it to form a makeshift cup stand.



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