Trendy Chai Tea

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Is Chai tea made in a special way?

Trendy Chai Tea

You see pictures of top actors and models striding briskly along with a cup of Chai and you hear references to exotic Chai soy lattes. However, you aren't sure exactly what Chai is and you'd like to find out more about it before you jump in and order one for yourself.

Chai is actually a spiced black tea blend from India. It has a ton of caffeine and usually is prepared as a latte, which means the tea is made with a lot of milk and sugar. For optimal health benefits, many people in America order their Chai latte with soy instead of dairy milk. You may also want to consider substituting honey or brown sugar for the big serving of white sugar that goes into a traditional latte. Don't forget to top your drink off with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

As Chai tea, with its delicious blend of cardamom and other spices, became popular in other countries, people began to experiment with recipes using the tea. Chai floats, smoothies and cocktails are only a few of the beverages you can enjoy. Of course, if you don't want to be more adventurous, the more traditional latte is just fine, too.



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