The Enduring Classic - Black Tea

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Is black tea popular in today's world?

The Enduring Classic - Black Tea

In today's pop culture world, fads come and go rather quickly. However, there is one thing that remains popular - the refreshing taste of a cup of black tea. While the traditional orange pekoe tea blend is not very exciting in this fast paced, modern world, a host of other tea blends are definitely on any trendsetter's list of great beverages.

When coffee mania seemed to be taking over the world, people were worried that the appeal of the coffee house would destroy the tea trade. However, as more and more caffeine addicts discover that too much caffeine is not good for them or are simply looking for a new taste to excite their taste buds, teas are appearing on coffee house menus.

To introduce coffee loving friends to tea, try making Chai tea for them, which is high in caffeine and is often prepared as a latte. Bombay Chai is one great Chai blend they may want to try. Other black teas with high caffeine include Celebration and Lapsang Souchong.

For people who are hooked on the different types of flavored coffees, an introduction to flavored teas is sure to be a fun experience. Offer these adventurous drinkers a cup of Pear Caramel black tea and they may never order coffee again. Other great flavored teas include Chocolate Chip Truffle and Vanilla Bean.



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