Tea Serving Tips for Parties

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Are there any tea serving tips for parties?

Tea Serving Tips for Parties

When you're having a party, serving good tea can be a challenge. However, being able to provide some delicious, healthy refreshment makes the challenge worthwhile. To be able to provide perfectly brewed tea to your guests, try some of these tea serving tips:

  • Consider preparing several types of tea well ahead of time and serving them chilled. Iced tea requires very little work after it is prepared and is a great way for a busy host or hostess to be able to introduce several of the less common teas to the party guests.
  • Offer tea as part of another drink. Tea martinis or tea smoothies can be mixed on the spot without worries about overbrewing if you prepare the tea you're going to use in the drinks ahead of time and place it in the fridge until the guests arrive.
  • Serve different hot teas at specific intervals through the evening and have a few family members or guests pitch in to help get the tea served quickly. If you are brewing tea one pot at a time, it is easier to avoid ruining a pot because of distractions and only providing hot tea at certain times frees you up so that you can perform your other hosting duties.



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