Fillings for Tea Sandwiches

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Are there any tips for fillings for tea sandwiches?

Fillings for Tea Sandwiches

You've got a ton of things to do to get ready for your tea party and the last thing you want to worry about is baking a few dozen delicate little tarts. You've decided to serve tea sandwiches instead, but now you need to find some delicious filling recipes. What do people typically serve on tea sandwiches?

Cream cheese is a common ingredient in many tea sandwich recipes. It helps keep the sandwiches in one piece and isn't so strong that it overpowers the teas being served. While cream cheese cucumber sandwiches are a very easy, traditional filling, you can shake things up a bit and still have a quick and easy filling. Try adding dried cranberries or pecans to the cream cheese in place of the cucumbers.

Salad type sandwiches are also very popular. Reinvent the egg salad sandwich by adding some Marrakesh mint green tea to the salad. Tuna, chicken and seafood salad sandwiches are also all common choices, although tuna salad can be a bit overpowering for most teas and should be a last resort for most menu planners. If you'd like to have a fish sandwich on the menu, a salmon spread is probably a better choice.



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