Choosing the Best Tea to Serve With Food

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How do I choose the best tea to serve with food?

Choosing the Best Tea to Serve With Food

You know that certain teas enhance certain foods more than other teas, but you aren't sure if your taste buds are up to the challenge of making the selection. Since you wanted to set up a tea tasting event for your friends and family, you need to be sure you get the pairings right. Is there a simple way to figure out which teas are best with which foods? Actually, while some teas definitely taste better with specific foods, you can generally get things right by following a few basic guidelines.

To choose the best tea to serve with food for your tea tasting menu, you should:

  • Think about whether you'll be serving black, green, red, white, or herbal teas. If you are only brewing one type of tea, you'll be able to more easily create a tasting menu that works for the entire meal. If you are serving several types of teas, consider serving dinner foods with one type and then setting up another tasting round for desserts and another type of tea.
  • Consider the strength of the tea. A green tea would go well with a chicken dish, while most black teas can stand up to beef or pork dishes.



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