Drinking White Tea With Meals

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Can I pair white tea with anything?

Drinking White Tea With Meals

As you take a sip of your favorite white tea, you wonder if there is anything you can pair with this delicious, lightly flavored beverage that would help enhance its flavor. Everything you think of seems like it would just overwhelm the tea, but if you can't come up with something for your guests to nibble on while they sip their tea, you may have to leave it off tomorrow's tea party menu.

Actually, while white tea isn't strong enough to handle strong flavors, there are a few things you can serve with this delicately flavored drink with that won't completely overwhelm it. Traditional English tea biscuits are an excellent choice, as are some breakfast foods, such as waffles that are served with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Surprisingly enough, not all traditional white tea combinations are so neutral. Despite the distinctive, strong taste of the spice, many people feel that white tea and ginger are a perfect duo. In fact, these two flavors enhance each other so well that a ginger and white tea blend was created. The blend has a wonderful scent, so it is no surprise that white tea ginger candles are now on the market.



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