Cooking With Leaf Tea

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Can I cook with leaf tea?

Cooking With Leaf Tea

You'd like your family to be more excited about the health benefits of tea, but they're all coffee fans. You've decided to sneak some tea into their diets by cooking with loose leaf tea. Now, you need to figure out which recipes to add tea to. Are there any recipes that tea works best in? Actually, with all the different teas available, you can find a tea blend that is perfect for almost any recipe.

Rice dishes usually taste wonderful when one of the many green tea blends is added. You can simply drop a scoop of green tea into the pot of rice as it is cooking instead of a bouillon cube or you can substitute a cup of tea for a cup of water before you start making the rice.

Meat rubs and spice blends are an ideal way to slip some tea into the meal. Green tea is also a good choice if you want to mix a bit of tea into a spice blend for chicken meals or vegetable dishes. If you are cooking beef or spicier dishes, try adding one of the stronger black teas to the recipe.

Don't forget beverages. A cup of brewed green tea can be added to most juice jugs without having a very big effect on the juice's normal taste.



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