Enjoying Jasmine Tea

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Is Jasmine tea a good beverage to drink with meals?

Enjoying Jasmine Tea

Jasmine is a wonderfully fragrant flower and makes an equally wonderful scented tea. While some people enjoy drinking an herbal tea made solely from Jasmine flowers, a tea blend that has Jasmine flowers added to it is most popular. You can easily find a green or black Jasmine tea blend.

While this tea certainly can just be prepared as a beverage whenever you are thirsty, it is also a great way to enhance the flavor of certain dishes. To enjoy your tea along with food, you should:

  • Look for meal options that won't overpower the delicate taste of Jasmine. This tea is a perfect complement to a simple stir fry over rice. In fact, if you really love the flavor of Jasmine, you can try substituting a cup of tea for a cup of water when you are cooking your rice.
  • Avoid meals that use a lot of strong spices or heavy foods, like steak and potatoes. This refreshing tea is quickly overpowered by most traditional meat and potatoes meals.
  • Think about using Jasmine tea as a dessert beverage. It goes well with desserts that aren't overly sugary. A simple shortbread or sour cream cookie and a cup of Jasmine complement each other perfectly.



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