Parts of a Japanese Tea Set

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What are the parts of a Japanese tea set?

Parts of a Japanese Tea Set

A traditional English tea set has a few simple pieces. A teapot, cups, saucers, spoons, a milk pitcher and a sugar bowl are usually the only things included. A Japanese tea set that is used in a tea ceremony has a few more pieces.

As you shop for your tea set, you should start with a kettle. The kettle is used to heat your tea water and is definitely necessary if you want to brew your tea. When you have a kettle, you'll need a few other essential pieces.

  • A tea container, or chaire, is used to hold the powdered green tea used in the ceremony. This container is traditionally ceramic.
  • A Raku pottery jar is needed to hold pure water for the tea.
  • A scoop helps you measure out the proper amount of tea for each guest.
  • You should also shop for a tea whisk and a tea bowl. Make sure you select your bowl with care, since it holds the prepared tea and the guests will be admiring it and drinking their tea out of it. Just don't confuse beauty with perfection. In the world of Japanese tea ceremonies, a bowl with a flaw is more beautiful than a bowl without one.



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