Brewing Japanese Green Tea for a Ceremony

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How is Japanese green tea brewed for a ceremony?

Brewing Japanese Green Tea for a Ceremony

Brewing a pot of green tea is quite simple. You fill a pot with 175 degree Fahrenheit water, add a scoop of loose tea for each person and another for the pot, let it brew for two minutes and then strain the tea into a cup. For an even easier way to brew your tea, you simply drop a pouch of your favorite blend into the pot and lift it back out after two minutes. However, a Japanese green tea ceremony involves more than actually brewing a perfect pot of tea and then drinking it.

In a formal tea ceremony, the person holding the tea ceremony doesn't use loose tea or tea pouches. Instead, a special form of green tea called Matcha is used. You should only put the Matcha, or powdered tea, into a tea bowl using a special scoop, which is called a chashaku. For each guest at the ceremony, you should add three scoops of tea. Then, add enough water from your tea kettle to make a tea concentrate. This part of the process is similar to the Russian tea brewing method, as Russians customarily make tea concentrate as part of the tea brewing process, too. However, in a Japanese tea ceremony, more water is added directly to the concentrate to make a souplike tea.



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