Have Fun With Tea Games

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Are there any tea games we can play at my next tea party?

Have Fun With Tea Games

You love tea. You collect tea pots, every celebration is a tea party and the overwhelming variety in your loose tea collection could rival the variety in most wine cellars. It makes sense that someone who loves tea this much would want to have fun with all the knowledge he or she has, so you've decided to have some tea games at your next party, complete with themed prizes for the winners. Now, you need to come up with some fun tea party games.

To entertain your guests with your knowledge of tea trivia, you should:

  • Set up a tea tasting station and have blindfolded guests try to identify several very different teas by taste and smell.
  • Create a tea themed crossword puzzle that only a true aficionado could solve.
  • A matching puzzle that requires people to identify which country each tea came from can also be fun, especially when the first person to finish gets a tea pot or a tin of English breakfast as a prize.
  • Enlist the kids by asking them to act out a few history of tea skits for the party guests. Look for a few interesting stories, such as the Chinese emperor who first discovered this amazing beverage or the Russian czar who was so sure tea was worthless that he refused to accept a gift of tea from China.



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