Historic Uses of Tea

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Were there any historic uses for tea?

Historic Uses of Tea

As you dunk a biscuit in your tea, you wonder what life would have been like a century ago. Would you have been able to enjoy this beverage for breakfast then? Actually, tea has been around for thousands of years and has been being enjoyed as a delicious beverage worldwide for hundreds of years.

For Asian people in ancient times, tea was one of the few medicines available. This leaf was used to treat many ailments, from tumors to digestive complaints. Tea was brewed to ingest, but it was also used to create poultices to draw infection from wounds or soothe skin irritations.

As European people began to travel to Asia, they discovered the wonders of tea and began importing it to their countries. They enjoyed drinking tea because of the novelty of the beverage and soon grew to enjoy the taste. They also drank it for unspecified health reasons. While they didn't know exactly what it did, they felt that it had some medicinal benefits.

Tea was also used as a dye to color clothing, since the tannins in tea make a very effective colorant. Some people used herbal teas as a natural hair dye, as well.

Today, people still use this amazing beverage for all these purposes.



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