Get Healthy With Organic Tea

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Is organic tea a good idea?

Get Healthy With Organic Tea

When you're drinking tea to get healthy, it is a bit depressing to find out that you've been ingesting pesticides with every sip. Those toxins are likely to offset the anti-oxidant properties of the tea to the point that drinking a cup that isn't organic is a waste of time. While organic tea is great for anyone to drink, it especially makes sense if you are battling health problems like cancer or an infection.

As you look for organic teas, don't forget the packaging. Most tea bags are not organic, which means that your organic tea is being contaminated by the bag as you brew it. Look for organic tea pouches or shop for loose tea to avoid having to deal with bags that are not chemical free.

To further boost the benefits derived from drinking tea that is pesticide free, make sure you take a look at anything you are planning to add to your tea. Lemons, sugar, milk and creamer can all include things that aren't beneficial in them. Shop for organically grown lemons and sugar and look for dairy products that are labeled as hormone free. Ideally, these dairy products should come from cows that graze on pesticide free grains and hay.



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