Tea Culture in Japan

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Is tea culture in Japan different from tea culture in other countries?

Tea Culture in Japan

As you watch a beautiful Japanese tea ceremony, you realize that tea is more than just a beverage to this culture. Tea culture in Japan is an almost religious act and many people who strive to create a perfect tea ceremony mention the Zen like aspects of the tea ceremony.

While brewing and drinking a delicious cup of tea is important, there are several other aspects of the tea ceremony that should receive equal care and consideration. To set up a room so that you can hold a Japanese tea ceremony, you should:

  • Find a quiet area in your home and remove all the extraneous items. You don't want any knick-knacks or toys littering the room. A true Japanese tea house is empty of everything but a fire pit, floor cushions and a piece of art. However, you may want to adapt the ceremony somewhat and heat the water in your kitchen. This way, you can use a small table in place of the fire pit.
  • Consider hanging a curtain to separate the tea area from the rest of the room.
  • Choose a single flower to place in a simple vase and put it on the table beside the teapot. If you don't already have a favorite piece of art in the room, choose and hang a piece for your guests to enjoy.



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