Have Fun With Tea Culture

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Is there any way to have fun with tea culture?

Have Fun With Tea Culture

As you take a sip of yet another wine at a local wine tasting, it occurs to you that, although you're enjoying sampling so many different wines, you'd be enjoying yourself even more if you were sitting at home with a cup of tea and some of your favorite imported British biscuits. Why not have fun with tea culture and throw a tea tasting event for your friends and family?

To throw a successful tea tasting party, you should:

  • Invest in miniature china tea cups. While you could serve "shots" of tea in small plastic tumblers, the experience will be more enjoyable when people can drink their tea in traditional china, instead. To find cheap miniature cups, check out your local toy shop. Some china tea sets for children should be available.
  • Make sure you present a wide range of teas and enlist some fellow tea aficionados to help you man the stations so the tea isn't over brewed.
  • Encourage guests to try teas that are outside their comfort zones. Coax a black tea fan to try a cup of red tea or to taste the difference between traditional orange pekoe tea and a Russian style black tea.



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