Indian Tea Recipe

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Is there an easy Indian tea recipe I can try?

Indian Tea Recipe

As you take a satisfying sip of your favorite Darjeeling tea blend, you feel all your stress and tiredness draining away. You sure are glad that someone decided to make this particular tea blend, but you are a bit curious about the Indian tea recipe. How did India get into the tea trade?

When Great Britain conquered India, no one realized that one of the biggest exports would eventually be tea. However, a combination of the discovery of native tea plants and Great Britain's decision to stop the East India Company from having exclusive control over India's tea exportation made the company decide to pursue tea production in India. Eventually, someone decided to plant tea in Darjeeling, India and the meadowy taste of the Darjeeling tea blend was born.

To brew a cup of Darjeeling tea, you should heat your water to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit and allow the tea leaves to steep for two minutes for a mild tea. If you prefer your tea to have a stronger taste, allow it to steep for three minutes.

Some people feel that Darjeeling should be enhanced with other flavors, as well. Adding lemon juice, orange juice, cloves, cinnamon and sugar to your tea will give you a delicious Darjeeling punch, but it does overpower the delicate taste of the tea. Adding honey and lemon is a good way to add more flavor to your tea without overpowering its taste.



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