Drinking Tea in England

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Is drinking tea in England still popular?

Drinking Tea in England

When you think of tea, the first thing that comes to mind is the Queen of England. As you sip a morning cup of your favorite blend, you decide you want to learn more about how this country that is so small in size and so influential worldwide created such a love for this fabulous beverage. As you begin your research, you are shocked to discover that this passion for tea didn't start until Great Britain decided it wanted to own New York, which was a Dutch colony called New Amsterdam. Tea was very popular there and the combination of acquiring a colony of tea lovers and the rise of the English East India Company helped Britain's tea habit to really take off.
Drinking tea in England is still a popular pastime. British tea lovers usually drink their favorite black tea blends with a lot of milk and have plenty of high calorie treats to go with their beverages. Scones with clotted cream or biscuits are often served during the two traditional tea breaks, which are referred to as Elevenses and Afternoon Tea. For people who couldn't take an Afternoon Tea break at four o'clock, High Tea at six o'clock was once very popular. Today, most people simply have dinner instead of having High Tea, which included a fairly hearty assortment of food.



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