About Red Tea

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Is red tea picked from the same bush as other teas?

About Red Tea

When your doctor first told you that you needed to give up all caffeine, all you could think of was your tea habit. You love starting your day off with a good cup of tea and you aren't about to give up your daily routine. As you look at the different decaffeinated options available, you stumble across a reference to red tea, or "rooibos," as it's commonly known. You didn't even realize that there were tea choices other than the traditional black, green, or white teas. Actually, red tea is an herbal tea that comes from the African red tea bush. This tea's strong, distinctive flavor makes it a favorite with many people and it is thought to have many health benefits. Many African cultures use the tea in a poultice to treat skin conditions and ease itchiness.

Red tea became popular in America and Great Britain when people fell in love with Alexander McCall Smith's Precious Ramotswe, who drank this tea as she solved crimes in The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency and the other books in this popular series.

To make the perfect cup of red tea, you should heat your water to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, brew it for up to three minutes and serve it either hot or cold.



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