Interesting Uses for Loose Tea

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Are there any different uses for loose tea?

Interesting Uses for Loose Tea

Loose tea has been used for hundreds of years to make a great tasting beverage. We enjoy hot tea and iced tea in a range of wonderful tea blends. However, while many people are ardent fans of tea as a beverage, this versatile leaf has many other benefits. There are quite a few books about using tea in recipes or beauty treatments, but tea can also be used in everything from gardens to craft projects. Try some of these ways to use tea in other areas of your life:

  • Instead of throwing out loose tea grounds, why not use them to feed your garden? Place them around your roses to drop them into the compost bin to make a nutrient rich compost.
  • Dried tea grounds make very realistic looking soil for dioramas, train set ups, or dollhouse gardens.
  • For anyone planning a pirate-themed party or a treasure hunt, an old map is a must. Dip the map in tea to create an aged appearance. This technique also works to age a document or piece of cloth that you'd like to use in art projects.
  • If you have a painful case of sunburn or an itchy insect bite, a cloth dipped it tea or a wet tea bag can alleviate a bit of your discomfort until you can get proper first aid.



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